Fujifilm X-A7 XC15-45mm Silver


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Featuring a vary-angle 3.5″ Touchscreen display, 24MP APS-C sensor and smooth 4K video recording, the Fujifilm x-a7 is the must camera for any content creator or vlogger. The 24.2 MP APS-C sensor, which is 14 times larger than a smartphone sensor, produces stunning results whatever the light. There are 425 AF points and thanks phase-detection pixels across the entire sensor, the x-a7 has very fast, accurate AF capable of quickly detecting and tracking eyes and faces even in low light. The Cinema like 4K recording is made by shooting 6K and down sampling to get the maximum quality possible. Also there is no additional crop which means you can easily get you and others in the frame when shooting video. The rear of the camera has a super responsive 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen which has a maximum luminous intensity of approximately 1000 candela, which allows you to clearly see the ?live view? even in strong daylight. The newly-designed ?smart menu? makes navigating the main Photographic features more intuitive on the touchscreen operation so that even a novice can produce high quality images. The portrait enhancer mode, in combination with the face/ eye AF, enhances the quality and simplicity of taking selfies. Likewise the new Light trail mode makes it simple to take night time images of moving traffic with amazing results.