Used Photo & HiFi Equipment

Not all of our used equipment is listed here call if you are looking for something specific . All shop stock used equipment has 3 months G’tee, unless otherwise stated. Commission Sales have no G'Tee.

Last updated 6/11/2018
Item Price Condition Location Commision sale
SLT A57+18-55 £169 Exc Ryde Yes
AX2000 Camcorder £1499 Mint Ryde Yes
30mm F2.8 Macro £99 Mint- Ryde No
75-300 £49 Exc Newport No
18-55 A £49 Exc+ Ryde Yes
HX20V compact £129 Exc+ Ryde Yes
RX100 MKIII £329 Exc+ Ryde No
TC-14E II 1.4xc Con £239 Exc+ Newport Yes
TC-20E II 2x Con £279 Exc+ Newport Yes
AF-s 35/1.8G £129 Exc+ Ryde No
PK12 Ext Tubes £29 Mint Ryde No
50mm 1.8 D £89 Exc Ryde No
SC28 flash cord £19 Exc+ Ryde No
SC17 £19 Exc+ Ryde No
EOS 6D Body  £649 Exc++ Newport No
EF 16-35 F4 L £699 Mint Newport No
EF 100 F2.8 l IS Macro £699 Mint Newport No
1300D+ 18-55 £249 Exc Newport No
17-55 2.8 IS £379 Exc- Ryde No
60 F2.8 Macro £199 Exc++ Newport No
70-200mm F2.8 IS USM II £1299 Mint Newport Yes
1.4x MKII £219 Mint Ryde No
EX580III Flash £149 Exc- Newport No
9-18 4/3 £349 Exc+ Newport No
14-54  4/3 £129 Exc Ryde Yes
FL36 Flash £129 EXC+ Ryde Yes
FL14 £39 Exc Ryde Yes
Tough TG-3 compact £149 Exc Ryde Yes
X-T1 Body £399 Mint- Ryde No
X-T2 Body £699 Exc++ Newport No
X-Pro2 Body £799 Mint Newport No
X-Pro 2 Body £799 Mint Ryde No
X-E2 Body £279 Mint- Ryde No
X-Pro1 Body £299 Exc Newport No
X-Pro 1 Body+Case £299 Mint- Ryde No
X-E2 Body £279 Mint- Newport No
X-E2s Body £299 Mint- Newport No
X-E3 Body £499 Mint Ryde No
XF 14mm F2.8 £399 Mint Newport No
XF 18-55 £350 Mint Newport No
XC 50-230 £199 Exc Ryde  No
XF 60mm F2.4 Macro £399 Mint Newport No
XF 100-400 £1099 Mint Newport No
XF 35/2 £299 Mint Ryde No
Finepix S2800HD Bridge Camera £79 Exc Newport No
BGGH3 grip for GH3+GH4 £89 Boxed Ryde No
100-300G £299 Mint Newport Yes
DMC-FT-5 Compact £69 Mint Ryde No
105 Macro 4/3 some fungus £149 Good Ryde Yes
70 F2.8 Macro £269 Exc+ Ryde No
2x Con Nikon Ded £149 Exc Ryde No
15-30 DG EX IF Nikon AF £399 Exc Ryde Yes
17-70 NAF £129 Mint Ryde No
28-135 NAF £49 Exc+ Ryde No
30 F1.4 PAF £199 Mint Ryde No
150-600mm DG Sigma SA Fit £999 Mint Newport Yes
35mm F1.4 Art £479 Mint- Newport No
90 F2.8 Macro Nikon  £299 Exc+ Ryde No
60mm Macro Sony Fit £180 Mint Ryde No
60mm Macro Nikon Fit £199 Mint Newport Yes
17-50 F2.8 CAF £199 Exc+ Ryde No
Samsung 50-200 £49 Exc Ryde No
Samyang 8mm Fisheye £199 Exc+ Ryde No
Teleplus 2x 7 Ele Can AF £79 Exc Ryde No
Sunpak PZ42X Canon Ded £49 Exc Ryde No
Carl Zeiss 50 F2 Planar Nikon AF £649 Mint Newport No
Induro BHD3 Ball Head £99 Mint Newport Yes
Helios 30x80 £129 Mint- Newport No
Helios 7x50 Oceanmaster £79 Mint Newport No
Opticron 15-45 x60 Adventurer £79 Exc Newport No
Metz ring flash 15 MS1  £179 Exc+ Ryde No
Metz 52 AF1 flash £109 Exc Ryde No
Manfrotto MVH502 AH Head £119 Mint Newport No
Micromega Tempo 1 Amp £249 Exc Newport yes
Audio Lab CD8200 Cd Pre & Power Amps £1699 Exc+ Newport yes