Used Photo & HiFi Equipment

Not all of our used equipment is listed here call if you are looking for something specific . All shop stock used equipment has 3 months G’tee, unless otherwise stated. Commission Sales have no G'Tee.

Last updated 18/07/2017
Item Price Condition Location Commision sale
100mm Macro £329 Mint Ryde Yes
GRD II £179 Exc- Newport Yes
AX2000 Camcorder £2499 Mint Ryde Yes
D7100 Body £429 Exc Ryde No
AF-S 105/2.8 Macro VR £599 Mint Newport No
AFS 18-200 VR II £299 Exc Newport No
180/2.8 ED £429. Exc Ryde Yes
SB700 Speedlite £199 Mint Ryde No
B500 Bridge Camera £149 Minrt Newport No
50mm F1.8 £69 Mint- Ryde No
Pen EP-L3 £139 Exc+ Newport No
EM10 MKII Body £299 Exc+ Newport Yes
12mm F2 micro 4/3 £399 Mint Newport No
9-18 4/3 £349 Exc+ Newport No
14-54  4/3 £129 Exc Ryde Yes
14-45 £75 Exc Newport No
FL36 Flash £129 EXC+ Ryde Yes
FL14 £39 Exc Ryde Yes
X-T1 Body £499 Exc+ Ryde No
X-E1 Body £189 Exc Newport No
x-E1+Grip £199 Mint- Newport No
X-E2 Body £369 Mint- Ryde No
X100 + Tele Con £399 Exc Newport Yes
RR-80A Remote £15 Mint Newport Yes
Lumix GF1+14-45 & VF £159 Exc Newport Yes
100-300APO F4 +1.4 Con Nikon Fit £369 Exc- Ryde No
105 Macro 4/3 some fungus £149 Good Ryde Yes
120-400 APO Nikon Fit £399 Exc+ Newport No
28-300 VC Canon EF £449 Exc Newport No
18-270 Di Nikon AF £199 Mint- Newport No
16-300 Di PZD VC Nikon AF £369 Exc Ryde Yes
70-300 Nikon Fit £49 Good Ryde Yes
Samsung 50-200 £49 Exc Ryde No
Samyang 8mm Nikon Fit £189 Mint Ryde No
Falcon 650-1300 T2 £79. Mint Ryde No
Project Essential St Geogre TurnTable £149 Exc Newport Yes
Micromega Minium Amp (no remote) £79 Exc Newport No
NAD 3020D Amp £300 Exc Newport yes
Denon DRM 24HX Cass Deck £79 Exc Newport No
Kef IQ5 Speakers £139 Exc Newport No
Pioneer PDR-609 CD Recorder £100 Exc Newport No


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